Krista Svike

Tectonic design proposal for a pedestrian bridge.
The proposed design is wooden element and string structure with two support points in each side of the bridge.
Visually bridge merges and belongs with a nature with its curved general lines trying to imitate natural lines of landscape, because it is very important to not distract but supplement especially in small bridge designs.
The bridge shape is defined by arch geometry and from the middle to the sides opening creates dynamic virtual volume. From the bottom to the up bridge is opening to the sky and gives an impression that it is growing out of the landscape.
From the structural aspect bridge is designed so it transfers forces from one to another element by joining them either with wooden joints either with strings to be able to withstand tension and compression.

Final pedestrian bridge model 🙂

First trays to place a bridge between two supports.

Joining elements together as well changing the angles and placement of the horizontal wooden stick so finally bridge takes a shape of an arch.

Improved chosen element

Some sketches


Small changes in the element leads to two different ones, which is not allowed.

Second tray of putting elements together was not so good solution because the joints in the upper part could not withstand the forces and also its not possible to join the elements together in the down part so the bridge would be stable.

First tray putting elements together was not successful because other elements been added.

First chosen element

Research catalog

Bridge elements, first steps


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