Kristina Møller Hansen

Studies in tectonic design

The purpose of this minor project is to develop a conceptual and applied design proposal that clearly articulates a tectonic approach to architecture. This has to be praticed by designing a pedestrian bridge structure with a 10 meter span, – represented in 1:20 scale models.

Phase #1

The purpose of phase #1 is to explore simple geometries, joints and properties of wooden sticks and wax thread.

The result is 14 models starting with simple compositions and different joints, with and without waxed thread, – the last models of this phase are more developed and presented as 3D elements.

Phase #2

The purpose of phase #2 is to explore the assembly of elements, additives, and alterations.

From the review of phase #1 I was adviced to continue developing model #5, beginning with the improvement of the joints and afterwards turning it into a 3D element.

Here you see model #5 turned into a 3D element;

The next four pictures shows an example of how to combine the 3D element, so it creates a bridge structure with a 40 cm span.

Monday September 13th:

This morning I had meeting with PHK who told me to work a bit more with the articulation of the joints and use dowels instead of thread. Furthermore he told me to assemble the wooden sticks in a single point (in the point, where the pentagon turns from a 2D into a 3D element), so the forces meet in one joint. The last thing we talked about was that I should try to create a more logical composition and a more articulated assembling of the individual elements.

The next four pictures show the result of todays work based on the supervision;

Tuesday September 14th :

Today I have worked on improving the way the elements connect, in order to increase the stability of the structure. The four following pictures shows the work done today.

The next pictures shows the final bridge structure;


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