Line Hoff


Final bridge!

After experimenting with both obtuse-, right- and acute angles, the conclusion is that every angle in the bottom joint has to change in size throughout the formation of the bridge.

Proceeding to phase#2 with this element. Trying to figure out a way to cut out the joints so that the structure doesn’t expand in width -unless I use that in an aesthetic way to display how the forces run through the bridge.

Liking structures without cables

After 3 long hours I succeed in making a tensegrity model!

Carefully experimenting with “fake” tensegrity models

Trying to make rigid joints.

Starting to include tension cables… the results are embarrassingly unstable. Joints have to be rigid! …rigid rigid rigid!

I killed my baby today!

When I ate the apple the construction collapsed… probably not good for a bridge structure, so I’m moving on…

Working with simple models.


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