Mette Kirk

Phase #1


The chosen element


Phase #2

Phase #3

The basic element, upon which the bridge is created, is that of a triangle formed of three sticks of equal length where each stick protrudes a specific distance outside of the shape itself.

The three sticks are set against each other at differing positions in each triangle. This creates a transformation as the size of the triangles formed gradually increases then decreases.

The portion of each stick which is outside of the triangle shape forms a wavy design on the walkway in an inverse relationship to the size of the triangle. The effect of this design is to control the pedestrians’ view as they progress across the bridge.

Each triangle has three joints, two of which are held together by thread. The third creates a [moment stiv] joint since the top stick sits in a 1mm groove in the stick underneath it and the two sticks are locked together by a dowel. The [moment stiv] joint passes on the push and pull forces which exist on the lower point across the bridge.

The groove in the bottom stick of each triangle also creates a structural transformation in the form of an arch when the triangles are put alongside each other to form the bridge structure.


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