Thiru Manickam

From phase 1, i wanted to work with a component 3 “leg” .

 3 finger star, with some fishing line and illegal glue.



                                                                   Testing how to make the joint strong enough.

prototype of a joint.

To avoid the weakness of the the 3 leg component,

near the core i started to test various way to work with the bending of wood to make a stiff component.

The much bending caused internal failure.

Trying to make the 2d component to a 3 dimensional component, still working with tension.

Testing how to aggregate the components, the problem with this component is that you have to add external parts to avoid tilting.


To understand the strength of the component and the wood, i am doing the manifold scroll weight test:)

It passed.



Trying to arrange external part as an integrated part of the component, working now with a sub part that is a cross.

Making again from 2d to 3d.

Adding more components together, this time without the use of external sticks.

Doing the manifold scroll test again.

It passed.

Testing the component in a lighter and thinner wood. 

 Because it very hard to understand the internal force in the component due the bending, I am now testing the component without bending but with the same arrangement of wood sticks. 


The bending sticks works as the primary structure and the crosses work as secondary structure.
I am now trying to reduce the material used and make a more clear difference between the primary and seconday structure. 


By working with the primary and the secondary structure, it was now possible the control the bending, width and curvature through the manipulation of the secondary structure. Now the primary and secondary structure work as one integrated component.



Top: show the possible states of the designed scissor system.

Testing various way to make an joint, that would allow rotation around xy and no

Zero movement in Z direction.

The first one worked, but would break the wood if there was to much rotation.

Therefore i choose to make this joint that allow the secondary structure to work freely on the primary(bending) structure. 


0 Phase  of the scissoring. 


1 Phase  of the scissoring.


2 Phase  of the scissoring.


3 Phase  of the scissoring.



The joint for the bending is made by tying to stick together and also show in a tectonic way of how the joint work on the material.


The sticks lying ready to get bend:)




Merging the primary and secondary structure.


All the components connected, now i have to arrange to curvature and degree how to shape  the bridge in a parametrical manner.








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