Zane Biseniece

Phase 3



As I combine elements, there is duplication of middle elements. So extra sticks had to be removed to create clear and simple design.

From statical view point there was doubt about existing vertical post connection with base triangular. As it was joint just with  drilled holes so connection was movable. To adjust and fix element, connection has been half carved and then bounded with thread through drilled hole.

For consideration also was pointed out question about removing some tense wire but as bridge is not straight, it would make bridge not so stable.

Model is growing_front view

Model is growing_ top view

Model is growing_side view

Phase 2

as solution has been crossed strings to make structure fixed.

but it’s moving in other direction

improvement_ add one stick to not allow bending

but sadly it’s not stable as it should be

2 elements connection

3d model – basic element

Phase 1

First models

Simlple waxed tread and wood construction

as idea to create 2 view platforms

drilled and bounded

3 wood sicks connection


Drilling vould be painfull

some wooden bridge design×351.jpg

Impressive tectonic geometry


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