BOOK // On Tectonic Terms // Ed. Isak Worre Foged


The objective of this work and publication is not to suggest complete theories, neither absolute design solutions. It much more takes the path of directing the attention to a way of approaching architectural design via tectonic ‘generators’ and the arrangement of these in order to create a continuum of ideas, which gradually raise design knowledge.

Three short theoretical texts are provided by Adrian Carter, Michael U. Hensel and Isak Worre Foged in the effort to direct the attention to tectonic works, ideas and questions. These are followed by a series of student projects, who for a short and intense period worked within a methodology that progressively implements tectonic vantage points.

Descriptions, questions and images are intended to inspire new methodological approaches in architecture that care for  the joint integration of performative and formal aspects in architecture.

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The studio is organised as an intensive ‘laboratory’ on aesthetical, theoretical, scientific and practical issues defining tectonics as a discourse within architecture. Teachings in tectonic terminology, its historical outline and key people within this approach are illustrated and discussed, while hands-on intensive workshops sees to link from theoretical descriptions, via taught methods to applied tectonic representations in built models and drawings. The design progression leads from systemic investigations to the formation of a pedestrian bridge.

The tectonic approach within the studio is based upon the key terms material, joint, assembly, system, geometry, addition and formation.

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